DiZhongYouShan Qian JunZiYiPouDuoYiGua ChengWuPingShi 地中有山,謙,君子以裒多益寡,稱物平施 There are mountains within the Earth, which is the image of the Qian 謙…

February 2023

1. Introduction Since the 2010 publication of my book, The 12 Chinese Animals -- Create Harmony in Your Daily Life through Ancient Chinese Wisdom…

January 2023

ShanShangYouShui Jian JunZiYiFanShenXiuDe 山上有水,蹇,君子以反身修德 There is the water on a mountain, which is the image of hexagram Jian. Learn from this – turn…

December 2022

ShanShangYouZe Xian JunZiYiXuShouRen 山上有澤,咸,君子以虛受人 There is the pond on a mountain, which is the image of the hexagram Xian. Learn from this - empty…
Connecting with the Universe

November 2022

ZeShangYuDi Cui JunZiYiChuRongQi JieBuYu 澤上於地 萃 君子以除戎器 戒不虞 Marsh rises on the earth, which is the image of the hexagram Cui. Learn from this, sharpen…

October 2022

JingShen NeiShou BingAnCongLai 精神內守 病安從來 How can you get sick if you maintain the spirit within? –Chapter 1 of HuangDiNeiJing 黃帝內經 The development of…
神上 與藥 氣三 精品 ShangYaoSanPin ShenYuQiJing The Greatest Medicine has three varieties, which are Shen, Qi, and Jing – YuHuangXinYinMiaoJing 玉皇心印妙經 1. The Fu…
The Pathway of Enlightenment

September 2022

Communication and Joy

August 2022

Communicate with fellow seekers of the way
Illuminating Your Boundless Kindness