The Celestial Time River
The Celestial Time River - part 1
The Secret of Daoist Internal Alchemy
The DaoDeJing - the Secrets of Internal Alchemy
The DaoDeJing - Secrets of Internal Alchemy
LaoZi's Holy Green Cow Cultivation Method
The hidden cultivation meanings within chapter 2 of the DaoDeJing
The Mother of the Dao
Foundational Daoist Cultivation Practices
The Dao of Dice and Spiritual Transformation
4. WuXing 五行 and BaGua 八卦 In Fengshui practice, as with our our Daoist internal alchemy practices, we will have to learn how to channel WuXing 五行, the …
TianXiaMingShanSengZhanDuo 天下名山僧占多 Famous mountains are mostly occupied by monks – ancient Chinese proverb Introduction In early 1990s, when I was stil…