Fengshui 風水 Healing - part 2

4. WuXing 五行 and BaGua 八卦 In Fengshui practice, as with our our Daoist internal alchemy practices, we will have to learn how to channel WuXing 五行, the universal Five Elements’ Qi, both physically and spiritually. In order to do so, we need first to remember the physical WuXing arrangement: the center is Earth, the east is Wood, the west is Metal, the south is Fire and the north is Water. We also need to understand the spiritual WuXing arrangement, which is determined by the facing directions of each individual house or site. In general, no matter what the physical facing direction, the spiritual Five Elements orientation is that the center belongs to the Earth, the left to Wood, the right to Metal, the front to Fire, and the back to Water. We also apply SiShen 四神, the Four Spiritual Animals, in the spiritual WuXing arrangement: Red Bird in the front, Mystical Warrior in the back, Green Dragon on the left, and White Tiger on the right. We often use the spiritual arrangement in Fengshui regarding healing and geographical influences. Before discuss how WuXing and BaGua

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